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Meet our Technologist's Assistant!

We understand that medical testing causes many people anxiety. This is why we put so much emphasis on hiring the very best staff to serve our patients.
Aimee Henderson is a technologist's assistant. She has a clear love for people and strives to do everything in her power to keep patients at ease. Get to know Aimee in the mini-interview below!
What is your role as a technologist's assistant?
My responsibility is to take care of the techs and the patients waiting to have testing done. I start IV’s for the patient and let them know the proper attire going into the machine. I make CDs for them to take with them, and in the rare case someone has a reaction or gets sick I do vitals, notify the radiologist and care for them.
How does your job impact patients?
Usually I’m the one that they speak with first when they leave the front lobby. I try and keep them calm before the tech gets to them. (Many of our patients come in afraid of needles and claustrophobic.) I try to keep them laughing and calm so the tech can talk with them when they are nervous.
From your perspective, why should patients choose Clermont Radiology for their imaging needs?
We have the best technologists and staff around! Speaking from someone that has been a patient, all of our techs try and make the experience pleasant. They all strive to help our patients get through the testing process.
What are some of your favorite pastimes or hobbies outside of work?
Well, I’m a true Florida (southern girl). When I’m not working I spend time with my family, riding our boat and just enjoying my weekends with my sunshine, my first grandchild, Scarlett.